BMW E36 Glovebox Lock Removal

BMW E36 Glovebox Lock Removal

This is the sideview of the glovebox with soft eject gears.

This is the back of the air vent assembly that contains the lock mechanism.

Remove the hold down device with a screw driver

Remove plastic cap covering back of the lock.

Push the lower catch as though it were engaging the glove box door. It will snap closed as though it is holding the door pin. Insert your key and turn to lock position.

Insert straight pins on all four sides of the lock between the lock barrel and the plastic tabs holding it in place.

The lock barrel will slide forward out of the glove box air vent assembly.

Now it is out. Hold it gently with your hand, putting pressure on all sides of the metal lock keys. Carefully pull the key out of the barrel. As the key passes each metal catch it will push it out slightly. Make sure not to let these pieces spring out.

Wrap the lock barrel with tape to hold the metal catches in place.

the lock is now gone. To put a new lock in, simply insert the key into the lock barrel, then slide it in the front until it snaps into place.

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