BMW E36 Cosmos Racing Installation Modifications

BMW E36 Cosmos Racing Installation Modifications

I ordered a CAI from Cosmos Racing. Although the product is outstanding, I found a few modifications were necessary to make the overall installation more effective and cleaner.

Horn Bracket

One of the horns needs to be moved to install the Cosmos CAI. Some people reinstall it on the cruise control bracket, others just eliminate it. I didn't like the idea of having one horn, and wanted to keep it out of the way. I want to credit member "coolcarlski" for the horn bracket idea, but I thought I would show what I did and give dimensions so it could be made prior to install and eliminate the "trial and error". With this bracket both horns can be easily mounted using existing horn hardware and one of the existing horn mounting points.

First, here is coolcarlski's bracket:

Here is what his looks like mounted:

My bracket is a mirror of his, and mounts to the outer most horn mounting stud. Here is the drawing so you can make your own. I used 3/4" wide brass, but aluminum also could be used. Cut to length, bend in vise. The drawing shows 90 degree bends, in actuality the bend in Part #1 end up slightly rounded.

With the 90 degree turn going outboard, you can see that the second horn is mounted well clear of the intake pipe, completely out of the way. There is plenty of room in there, both horns wiring will reach to each, and the sound is not affected. Mount the bracket to the outermost horn mounting point.

Clamp Modification

Let's face it, the clamp provided with the Cosmos is worthless... unless you modify it. The clamp is too long to provide the rigidity required to effectively support the Cosmos CAI. Here is the modification and mounting solution I came up with?the resulting bracket holds the pipe very firmly in place.

Step 1: Cut 8" off the bracket end. I used a hacksaw and rounded the end off on a bench grinder to get rid of the sharp edges and make it look purdy. (You could also use a file or belt sander). I touched up the cut with some glossy Rust-o-Leum black spray paint.

Step 2: Take the twist out of the bracket. I just put in a vice to flatten it out. Very easy to do and it worked great.

Step 3: Drill a 1/4" hole 2-1/8" from the existing hole used to tighten the clamp.

Step 4: Drill out the existing "clamp" hole to 1/4" to accomodate #5

Step 5: Replace the existing sheet metal screw with a bolt, washers, and lock nut?that screw just doesn't cut it and is very sharp.

Step 6: Cut strips of plumbing gasket and used 3M Spray Adhesive to secure them to the inside of the clamp. This will aloow the clamp to securely grip the intake pipe.



Now install it on the pipe, position it so the arm as ready to warp around the forward cruise-control mounting flange. Tighten the "clamp" to hold the bracket in correct position, and bend the arm around the flange. The mounting hole will line up perfectly (or very close).

Now just put the bolt from the cruise control through the flange and tighten. You are done, and the CAI is tight and stable. Nice clean look.

Intake Cushion

Even with the clamp tight, the angle of the intake pipe and its weight causes it to rest on a very sharp edge in the engine bay. The filter also touches and causes a little dent. Here you can see it.

Having heard others use a section of radiator hose as a cushion, this is my fix: Get a 1-1/2" x 1-1/2 plumbing sleeve and remove the hose clamps. Cut as shown. These are available at Ace Hardware for about $5. When unfolded it will completely cover the bottom of the Cosmos pipe, and its thickness will raise the K&N Filter sufficiently so that it will "float" in its position, without resting on anything.

Here you can see the cushion attachment in place. I couldn't get a good picture of the filter, you'll have to trust me and see for yourself. I ultimately used Velcro Strap to secure the cushion... it's up to you:

Air Temperature Sensor

OBDI E36's have a air temperature sensor that is installed in the stock air box. This sensor controls the heating of the throttle body at start up. Here is how I handled the sensor since there is nowhere to put it in the Cosmos CAI. I may ultimately reinstall this in the CAI, but for now just zip-tied it up. It has proven no problem even in the coldest below zero weather.

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